Kitchen Remodeling

The Kitchen Is the Heart of the Home

Over the years, the kitchen has gained popularity as the central, most important room in any home. It enjoys round-the-clock patronage. Starting from very early morning breakfast to a late-night snack. The kitchen is a loyal witness to any drama in life. Whether preparing an important meal for family or friends, surprising a loved one on a special occasion, or making a special dinner for the grandchildren, the kitchen is always there.

So, when it comes to planning for a kitchen remodeling project, there are a lot of things to consider so that it will become a room where everybody will feel comfortable and welcome.

At Sac Infill Construction, we want your remodeled kitchen to be a perfect combination of good looks and effective functionality. A kitchen remodel can take on so many forms of style, materials, and color.  Let us be your partners in deciding what will work best for you.

Victorian Style Backsplash

The picture on the top of this page features a kitchen remodel with a black soapstone countertop, white cast iron sink, white backsplash tile, white dishwasher to all contrast the countertop. A most unique look is the wall mount faucet.  And the picture on the right shows another kitchen remodeling project that is bright, open with a backsplash providing a contemporary Victorian style. Also included are stainless steel appliances with natural flooring.

Distinguished Kitchen Designs

In the picture that follows, you will find a White Quartz Countertop.  The knobs provide a distinctive darker contrast.  The Pendent Hood is centered with the range and behind it is an open floor plan to entertain on the other side of the kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling creates that special place where families gather together to share their stories and adventures. It is the heart of every home, where we create memories forever over a delicious meal during family time. In every home, the kitchen functionality depends on our style and personalization.

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